Lamb or Lion?

2 June 2018 I took pen to paper for this. I took pen to paper to try process this profound irony and the irony is this – You decided to fuck with a writer and then had the audacity to ask me to hold my tongue. “Bite your tongue.” I have bitten my tongue for

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Swimming in a Drought

19 October 2017 -The olympic swimmer – SANKOFA Water. “You wouldn’t throw yourself head first into a coffin would you?” “No ma.” “Then don’t do so now” That was my mothers’ warning to me when the sea and I would meet in holy matrimony. She would berate me, lovingly for swimming too far in –

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Perplexing Pegasus

19 September 2017 – The Pain Penned Out SANKOFA Beautiful boy, you never did quite understand the meaning of “I love you”. Not for lack of trying… no never. Rather because “I love you”‘ has always had an undercurrent of vulnerability that frightened you, demanded too much of your marred soul, your scarred soul that

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Freedom of Speech

25 August 2017 – The Suppressed SANKOFA ERROR 404 This is currently unavailable on SANKOFAS’ SPACE* <hr /> * contact /thetrc/oppressiveespectabilitypolitics / for more information

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