Perplexing Pegasus

19 September 2017 – The Pain Penned Out SANKOFA Beautiful boy, you never did quite understand the meaning of “I love you”. Not for lack of trying… no never. Rather because “I love you”‘ has always had an undercurrent of vulnerability that frightened you, demanded too much of your marred soul, your scarred soul that

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Freedom of Speech

25 August 2017 – The Suppressed SANKOFA ERROR 404 This is currently unavailable on SANKOFAS’ SPACE* <hr /> * contact /thetrc/oppressiveespectabilitypolitics / for more information

Softboys, sweet girls and the tragedy of 21st century “love”.

9 August 2017 – The softboy -hating SANKOFA DISCLAIMER : I f*cked with this song before we knew that she was an anti-black hater ass trick. I no longer stan, but for my own integrity’s sake I don’t retrospectively edit my posts. Nonetheless, understand this girl is CANCELLED. On this womxn’s day I feel like I’m

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Dear 16 Year Old Me

24 June 2017, Love from the 20yr old me. Dear 16 year old me, You’re 20 now- I know right. I never did think I’d make it till eighteen but you did. Yeah the depression will have you drowning at stages, but you’re going to be become a really great swimmer. You’re also going to

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What is style?

Those of us who are avid fans of pop culture- or rihanna, same difference these days- will be well aware that yesterday the music video for wild thoughts by DJ Khaled ft Rihanna and Bryson Tiller dropped yesterday. Directed by Colin Tiley the music video takes on a cinematographic life of it’s own. Which could

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Is God white?

7 May 2017 SANKOFA Is God white? This is a question that may seem unnecessary to some readers, if so, you probably need to read this article as much as the people who have asked this question before. I am one such person who has asked God this question on numerous occasions, for reasons that

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Human Hurricanes

25 October 2018 -The Storm Chasing SANKOFA I don’t understand why we’re all so young and afraid of getting hurt. Like fuck that fam, we’re resilient, we’ll heal. I have no doubt about it- because I’ve survived so much more than I thought I possible. You see to me, a young heartbreak is an irresistible

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